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Welcome to WestGlen Eyecare of Shawnee, KS, a unique medical eye clinic in Kansas City, that combines state-of-the-art technology and an upscale optical with the services of two talented eye doctors who understand the value of personalized, friendly, small-town service.

WestGlen Eyecare first opened in a small office across the street in 2002, and during the following nine years, Dr. Andrea Beatty,OD (formerly Spruyt) quickly grew the business based on word-of-mouth recommendations, eventually bringing  her husband Dr. Eric Beatty, OD on board; a nationally respected authority on corneal and ocular disease on board to provide a well-rounded complete Eyecare Center in Shawnee. The two doctors now are the foundation of a dynamic team of professionals providing complete eye care for the whole family.

WestGlen Eyecare offers general medical eye exams, LASIK and cataract consultations, diabetic eye care, treatment of red irritated and dry eyes,and infections. They also perform glaucoma checks, and emergency eye care.

Our eyeglasses inventory includes everything from the latest fashions to practical and sports related eyewear for children and adults. We also provide complete contact lens services including all specialty lens products and the most popular name brand sunwear. For more information on prescription eye glasses and contact lenses please visit our Kansas City eyewear page.

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    • WestGlen Eyecare was Voted Winner of Best of Shawnee 2014 for Best Eye Doctors! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbcgPBctZWU

      WestGlen Eyecare Voted Best of Shawnee Winner 2014 for Best Eye Doctors!
    • The entire staff of WestGlen Eyecare is excited to announce that Drs. Andrea and Eric Beatty were voted as The Best Eye Doctors of Shawnee! We'd like to sincerely thank all of our patients for the years of support and we are honored and deeply humbled with the privilege to serve our fantastic community of friends and neighbors. We look forward to "seeing" you all soon!

    • So, What Exactly is Astigmatism?

      Simply put, astigmatism is a refractive condition derived from a cornea or lens that’s stretched into an irregular shape. Instead of being shaped spherically round like a basketball, the corneas of people with astigmatism are often more curved or oblong like a football. This causes a refractive error, distorting light as it enters your eyes. As a result, images appear blurry, distorted or even having ghost images. Kids with astigmatism and adults may have difficulty reading text or seeing fine details in objects both near and far. Heredity is responsible for most of your cornea’s natural curvature and shape.
      At WestGlen EyeCare we correct mild to very severe amounts of astigmatism using glasses, soft toric and rigid gas permeable contact lenses, or with refractive surgery (LASIK). We even correct severe amounts of astigmatism with specialty contact lenses for those with keratoconus. If you aren’t seeing as well as you think you should, it just might be astigmatism that’s causing a problem.

      Call us at 913-962-2010 today to schedule an appointment today to speak with Dr. Eric or Andrea Beatty about which choice of astigmatism correction is best for your and your lifestyle.

    • This Fourth of July, doctors Eric & Andrea Beatty at WestGlen Eyecare are reminding the public that to use extreme caution if handling fireworks which can lead to devastating eye injuries. Despite the popularity, they may and do cause blindness and disfigurement and each year they prompt severe injuries across the nation including corneal burns, ruptured or lacerated eyeballs, and retinal detachments.

      "The public needs to be aware that consumer-bought fireworks can cause very serious injuries and burns," said Dr. Eric Beatty, "Fireworks can burn at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, store-bought fireworks – including those innocent-looking sparklers – are often the most common injuries of the holiday and can quickly have harmful consequences for your eyesight and cause devastating , and in some cases, irreparable life-changing eye injuries," said Dr. Beatty.

      Fourth of July is an exciting holiday and for those who decide to purchase consumer fireworks, the following safety tips should be closely adhered to: always keep fireworks out of children's hands; and always wear protective eyewear and ensure that bystanders are also wearing eye protection never light professional-grade fireworks, and if injured by any type of explosive, seek medical attention immediately.

      Happy Fourth of July! Have a fun and safe Holiday!