Tom Ford Trunk Show!







Tom Ford Trunk Show!

You are invited to an exclusive Tom Ford Trunk Show hosted by WestGlen Eyecare.
December 10, 2014 5:30 – 7:30pm at
16202 Midland Dr. Shawnee, KS  66217

-Enjoy refreshments while working with our professional opticians to finding the perfect Tom Ford for you.
-Take advantage of the 20% discount on any Tom Ford frame
-At the end of the evening we will be giving away one pair of women’s and one pair of men’s Tom Ford Sunglasses

Glam up your 2015!
Please RSVP or call 913-962-2010

WestGlen Eyecare Voted Best of Shawnee 2014 for Best Eye Doctors!

We are proud to announce that WestGlen Eyecare and Drs. Andrea and Eric Beatty were voted as Best Eye Doctors in the Best of Shawnee 2014 ! We’d like to sincerely thank all of our patients for the years of support and we are honored and deeply humbled with the privilege to serve our fantastic community of friends and neighbors. We look forward to  “seeing” you all soon!


***Special 20% off COSTA SUNWEAR Offer at WESTGLEN EYECARE listed below!!!!

Dr. Eric Beatty of WestGlen Eyecare recently visited Guntersville, Alabama for the 2014 BassMaster Classic to support a hometown pro angler in the tournament. Dr. Beatty says, “I was impressed to see that all of the professional anglers at the BassMaster Classic were wearing protective sunwear against damaging UV light and potential fishing mishaps, but also that most anglers were specifically wearing Costa sunglasses during the tournament. We always recommend protective sunglasses while fishing to avoid flying hooks, lures, UV rays, and potential eye trauma. Word is now also getting out amongst pro anglers of the superior optics for water sports and performance fishing.”

Dr. Beatty says, “My favorite fishing sunglasses by far are my Costas. The 580G polarized glass lenses have the best optics I’ve ever seen for sunwear. Each time that I try a different pair of sunglasses, I simply don’t feel anything else on the market really compares. So, the brand I recommend to patients that are fishermen and boaters who want the best optics, is Costa.”

WestGlen Eyecare is one of the few carriers in Shawnee KS, as well as the greater Kansas City /Johnson County area which offers Costa sunwear which offers 100% UV protection, the 580 lens makes it easy to not only see what’s below the water in front of your, but everything else around you. 580 lenses block yellow light at 580nm for enhanced color and blue light at 400nm to reduce haze and blur. The optics speak for themselves

Spring is around the corner, and these lenses truly will elevate your sight fishing skills to an entirely new level. Costa Del Mar Tuna Alley polarized sunglasses offers the angler a great balance between performance, style and quality. When you first put on a pair of Tuna Alley glasses you will immediately notice the quality. The light weight frames are solid and feel almost bullet proof. The subtle wrap around design paired with slightly wider arms, does a great job blocking sun out of your peripherals which will allow you to focus on the water ahead of you.

For more information on Costa sunwear or come visit us WestGlen Eyecare in Shawnee, KS to see the Costa 580 difference for yourself.



WestGlen Eyecare Rocks Tom Ford in Shawnee!

WestGlen Eyecare Rocks Tom Ford Eyewear!

WestGlen Eyecare is proud to announce we are one of the few locations in the Shawnee, Overland Park, Lenexa and Kansas City areas now carrying the latest fashion line of Tom Ford eyeglasses and sun wear.

Tom Ford frames are popular for many reasons, but one of the most often cited ones is the hand craftsmanship in each set. Each model in his line of eyewear is superbly crafted and hand finished in Italy and considered a work of art. These designs are for both men and women. They exude a fine blend of bold, elegant style, with a sense of contemporary sophistication and luxury.

Tom Ford glasses are worn by many of the notable individuals of the current era. Celebrities and movie stars flock to his designs due to his solid reputation and a top-tier designer, one of the best in the world today. Many of his eyewear lines have been named after his favorite celebrities. The strong and sensational brand that is Tom Ford, has attracted many A-list celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z & Beyonce’, Jennifer Aniston, and even Daniel Craig wears them in his 007 James Bond movies.

“We couldn’t wait to bring in Tom Ford line into our optical. The Tom Ford retro style is classic and a lot of fun and the hand-made quality is fantastic. With celebrities such as JT, Jay-Z, and Jennifer Aniston and & George Clooney wearing this line, it has spurred great interest for exclusive fashion lines like Tom Ford, and we are so excited to provide this for our patients and community”, says Dr. Beatty.

When you’re ready to step up your fashion game and don’t feel like traveling to Hollywood, check out our new line of  and sunglasses at WestGlen Eyecare!

Eat Dark Chocolate this Holiday Season Without the Guilt!

How sweet would it be to eat dark chocolate without guilt? More and more studies are showing that dark chocolate not only helps with your blood pressure and brain function, but it also helps protect your eyes.

More specifically, there is an ingredient in dark chocolate that you can thank for your guilt-free conscience: cocoa flavanols. Cocoa flavanols are natural compounds that are found in the cocoa bean used to make dark chocolate. Cocoa flavanols can help your circulation system and increase vascular productivity.

What does this mean for your eyesight? The combination of improved blood flow and the high-impact natural cocoa flavanol compound helps your retina optimize its visual acuity. Dark chocolate also contains copper which supports to healthy nerve function and prevents damage to the optic nerves. Furthermore, dark chocolate has a number of antioxidants,which can help the body fight off diseases like macular degeneration.


Eye Care & Supplements

Not all vitamins are created equal.  Many people don’t realize how loosely controlled the vitamin industry is.  The quality of ingredients in different supplements varies wildly.  Although many supplements are “true to their label”, many do not contain the ingredients or amounts that are listed on the label.  Further, there are different forms of many of the individual ingredients, some of which are not nearly as good or are not nearly as well absorbed by the body as others.

It is also important to know that more of a certain ingredient is not always better.  Some vitamin formulations can actually be dangerous if not taken appropriately.  Others may not be dangerous, but may be ineffective at higher dosages and just be of more expense.

If you are going to take a nutritional supplement, whether it be a multivitamin, an eye specific vitamin, or a macular degeneration specific formula, it is important to be sure that you are consuming what you think you are taking.  Some companies subject their products to independent laboratory testing to confirm label accuracy.  Some go so far as to join trade specific groups such as “Council for Responsible Nutrition” or others.
We are confident in the supplements that we recommend to our patients, and confident in their label accuracy.

Macular Degeneration Awareness

February is national “macular degeneration awareness” month.  Many of us have heard of Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) due to a friend or family member with the disease.

Below are some facts pertaining to AMD:
AMD is the leading cause of blindness in older adults in the United States. Over 70% of AMD is determined by genetics. A large part of risk reduction involves changes in lifestyle habits: healthy diet and staying fit.  Smoking is the most important controllable risk factor in AMD.

A diet rich in lutein and zeaxanthin can help prevent AMD, and actually improve visual function.  Although it takes at least 6mg of lutein/zeaxanthin to be protective, the average American consumes less than 2mg per day. There are treatments for the “wet” form of AMD.

Patients with AMD often require their eyes to be checked more frequently than those with “healthy” eyes.  There are supplements made specifically to try to prevent AMD or prevent it from getting worse. The list of similar facts is long, but ultimately awareness and prevention are key.  Routine eye exams, even when vision is good, are crucial for early detection of AMD or any other eye diseases.

360 Racing Team Sponsorhip

Westglen Eyecare is an official sponsor of the 360 Racing bike team. 360 Racing is comprised mostly of people affiliated with 360 architecture, the group that designed our building.

You will see that many of the 360 team racers wear the same Oakley sunglasses. These were special ordered at WestGlen Eyecare, and we can get these or an other Oakley sunglasses. You will see that many professional bike-riders and other athletes world-wide are wearing Oakleys, as they are both a great choice for fashion and protection from the sun.

Summer Eyewear Protection

Summer is here, and so are long days of sunshine.  Whether you are at the pool, playing at a park or exercising outside, you are being exposed to potentially harmful UV rays from the sun.  We usually do a good job of thinking about protecting our skin with sunscreen, but many people forget their eyes.

It is important to have a good, quality pair of sunglasses.  The most important thing in regards to protecting from UV is a good pair of lenses.  It is interesting to know that darker is not always better.  The best way to cut down on glare for sunlight is by wearing polarized sunglasses.  These are especially fantastic when you are around water and want to cut down the glare from reflections from the water.

You should also know that sunglasses are not limited to any particular frames.  Polarized lenses can be put into any frame that any other lenses can be put into.  We can also get customized polarized magnetic clip-ons for any new pair of glasses.


If you mention this posting during the month of June, then you can receive 10% off a pair of Oakley, Maui Jim, Rayban, Vera Bradley or Michael Kors sunglasses.

Holiday Food Drive Update

We hope you had a great holiday season, and are enjoying the great weather.  We are excited to share that we had a very successful food-drive over a 2 week period in December.  With the help of our great patients, we were able to donate over 700 pounds of food to Harvester’s!  See our photo gallery with some of our staff along with about ½ of the food that was donated.  Due to the great success, we plan on doing this again in the future!   THANK YOU!